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YOU SAVE PKR 20 Rs: 200/- 180/-

2 Large Soda

Refresh Your Self !!

2 Large Soda in Just RS 180 Only Instead of RS 200.

YOU SAVE PKR 85 Rs: 470/- 385/-

Union Road House Burger

Flavors loaded !!

Enjoy Union Road House Burger for just Rs.385 Only.

YOU SAVE PKR 70 Rs: 720/- 650/-

Combo Deal

Combo Deal

Enjoy 1 Zinger , 1 Club Sandwich & 2 Drink In just Rs.650 instead of Rs.720.

YOU SAVE PKR 150 Rs: 1200/- 1050/-

Chicken Karahi.

kuch Desi Hojaye!!!

Enjoy Half Chicken karhai, 2 parathy & 2 drink in just Rs.1050 instead of Rs.1200

YOU SAVE PKR 150 Rs: 1350/- 1200/-

BBQ Deal


1 leg tikka,1 Malai boti ,2 parathy & 2 Cane in just Rs.1200 instead of Rs.1350.

YOU SAVE PKR 350 Rs: 1170/- 820/-

Combo deal!!

Kuch special hojaye!!

One Queadilla Chicken, one Chicken Burrito,one Nachos Chicken & Two 345 ML Drink

Featured Rs: 3224/- 1999/-

Xtra Large Pizza Deal

Go XL with GoSpark !!

Go Xtra Large with GoSpark. Now enjoy XL Pizza including 8Pcs of Garlic Bread and 1.5Ltr Drink for j ...

YOU SAVE PKR 285 Rs: 860/- 575/-

Combo Deal

Combo Deal

Enjoy One Chipotle Grilled chicken burger ,one Mild House beef Burger & Two 345 ML Drink

YOU SAVE PKR 110 Rs: 660/- 550/-

Chickie Beef Burger!!

Beef or Chicken Ka Maza Ab Sath!!!!

Enjoy 2 Chickie Beef Burger in just Rs.550 instead of Rs.660.

YOU SAVE PKR 801 Rs: 2800/- 1999/-

Cake Special!!

Cakess for youuuu!!

Enjoy Delicoius Three Milk Cake & Choclate Heaven in just Rs 1999 Only Instead of Rs 2800.

Featured Rs: 1744/- 799/-

Medium Pizza Deal

Snack it Right !!!

Now Enjoy Delicious Medium Pizza Deal along with 4Pcs Garlic Bread and 2 345ml Drinks for just Rs.79 ...

YOU SAVE PKR 501 Rs: 2500/- 1999/-

Cake Combo Deal!!

Baked specially for you !!

Enjoy Delicoius 2.5 LBS Milky Malt and Belgian Malt cake in just RS.1999 instead of 2500