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YOU SAVE PKR 320 Rs: 799/- 479/-

Regular Pizza

Pizza From East Village For YOU!

Buy a pizza from East Village Pizza & Pasta and taste the heavenly Pizza in Just Rs. 479 Only.

BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Rs. 300/-

Zinger Burger (Delivery)

The crunchy combo!

Experience The Crunchiness of Two in The Price Of One Rs.300 Only.

YOU SAVE PKR 500 Rs: 999/- 499/-

Regular Pizza

the pizza-lover's pizza !!

Expo Pizza Regular Pizza in Just Rs.499 Only instead of Rs.999.

YOU SAVE PKR 70 Rs: 240/- 170/-

Pizza Fries

Cheesy Treat !!!

Enjoy Delicious Pizza Fries for Just Rs.170 Only Instead of Rs.240.

YOU SAVE PKR 500 Rs: 999/- 499/-

Regular Pizza

the pizza-lover's pizza !!

Where Do You Get A Regular Pizza In just Rs.249! Only At GoSpark. (With Free Delivery in Limited Are ...

YOU SAVE PKR 75 Rs: 250/- 175/-

Lords Zinger Burger

Crunchy Delight !!

Crunchy Lords Zinger Burger in Just Rs.175 Only instead of Rs.250.

YOU SAVE PKR 120 Rs: 360/- 240/-

Zinger Burger

Lajawab Zinger !!

Crispy Zinger Burger with 345 Ml Soft Drink & Fries in Just Rs.240 Only Instead of Rs.360.

YOU SAVE PKR 400 Rs: 800/- 400/-

Pizza Combo Deal

a smile in every slice !!

10' Inch Large Pizza with 500 Ml Soft Drink in just Rs.400 Only. Flavors Available ( Tikka & Fajita) ...

YOU SAVE PKR 190 Rs: 400/- 210/-

Small Pizza

Combo Deal !

Small Pizza with a Drink in just Rs.210 instead of Rs.400.

BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Rs. 399/-

Zinger Burger

Dhamaka Deal !!

Buy One Crispy Zinger Burger and Get Free Zinger Burger for Just Rs.399 Only.

YOU SAVE PKR 251 Rs: 650/- 399/-

Large Pizza

A Larger In Rs.399 !!

Experience the taste of a true pizza at Pizza Plaza for just Rs.399.

YOU SAVE PKR 800 Rs: 1200/- 400/-

Large Pizza

Thin and crusty for your tummy !!!

Enjoy Large Pizza in Just Rs.400 Only instead of Rs.1200.