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YOU SAVE PKR 25900 Rs: 204900/- 179000/-

65" P635 UHD Android TV

65" P635 UHD Android TV

Buy 65" P635 UHD Android TV Specifications HDR 10 Google TV Ok Google Dolby Audio Dynamic Colo ...

YOU SAVE PKR 1000 Rs: 3000/- 2000/-

All Flavours VGOD!!

All Flavours VGOD!!

All Flavors NIC SALT (30ml) available in just Rs.2000 instead of Rs.3000 Brand-VGOD

YOU SAVE PKR 300 Rs: 900/- 600/-

Duo Burger

Duo Deal!!

2 Jab Zinger Burger in Just Rs 600 Only Instead of Rs 900.

YOU SAVE PKR 31 Rs: 530/- 499/-

Pizza Zinger Burger

Sizzling and Cheesy!

Pizza Zinger Burger in just Rs.499 instead of Rs.530.

YOU SAVE PKR 250 Rs: 1599/- 1349/-

Triple Deal!

Triple Deal!

Enjoy 1 chetos matafi, 1 union Road house,1 pizza zinger in just Rs.1349 instead of Rs.1599

YOU SAVE PKR 201 Rs: 900/- 699/-

Kentucky Burger

Kentucky Burger!!

Enjoy 2 Kentuch Burger in Just Rs.699 instead of Rs.900

YOU SAVE PKR 241 Rs: 1280/- 1039/-

2 Medium Pizza

Pizza Party

Enjoy 2 medium Pizza in just Rs.1039 instead of Rs.1280

YOU SAVE PKR 121 Rs: 700/- 579/-

2 Small Pizza

its pizza O'Clock!!

Enjoy 2 small Pizza in just Rs.579 instead of Rs.700