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Featured Rs. 719/-

Large Pizza

Yummiest Offer

Get now Pizza Taste's Appetizing Large Pizza with Soft Drink (1 Liter) Just in Rs. 719/- Instead of ...

Featured Rs. 959/-

Large Pizza

Large Pizza !

Only in Rs.959 instead of Rs.1199.

Featured Rs: 2500/- 1250/-

Large Pizza


Boost Your Taste Buds with Pizza Mars Scrumptious Large Pizza Buy 1 Get 1 Offer. Available in All Fl ...

Featured Rs. 540/-

Club Sandwiches Deal

Sandwiches are Best Food!

Enjoy 2 Club Sandwiches and Get 1 free in just Rs.540 instead of Rs.820.

Featured Rs. 229/-

Deal 10

Delicious Chicken Burgers!

3 Chicken burgers Only in Rs.229 instead of RS.450.

Featured Rs. 199/-

Small Pizza Deal

Small Pizza !

Get Small Pizza Only in Rs.199 instead of Rs.399.

Featured Rs. 129/-

Zinger Burger Deal

Crunch in Buns!

Get Zinger Burger Only in Rs.129 instead of Rs.150.

Featured Rs. 999/-

Britain deal

Best Duo Deal !

1 Large Pizza, 1 Dip Sauce, 1 Burger (Any) Only in Rs.999 instead of Rs.1580.

Featured Rs: 495/- 396/-

Aflo Moo Burger

Deliciousness overloaded with 20% off

Get Aflo Moo Burger in Just Rs 396 instead of 495.

Featured Rs. 749/-

Jumbo Pizza Deal

Jumbo is worth sharing

Jumbo Pizza Only in Rs.749 instead of Rs.1499.

Featured Rs. 99/-

Zinger Roll

Satisfy Your Taste Buds!

Zinger Roll Only in Rs.99/- instead of Rs.120/-.

Featured Rs. 600/-

Family Burger Combo

Family Scene On!

2 Chicken Burger, 2 Beef Burger, 1 Mayo Fries Only in Rs.600/- instead of Rs.1100/-.