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Featured Rs. 719/-

Large Pizza

Yummiest Offer

Get now Pizza Taste's Appetizing Large Pizza with Soft Drink (1 Liter) Just in Rs. 719/- Instead of ...

Featured Rs: 1000/- 800/-

Burger Deal (Valid only for Lahore)

Smacking Jessie's Burger Deal !!

20% Off on all burgers.

Featured Rs. 959/-

Large Pizza

Large Pizza !

Only in Rs.959 instead of Rs.1199.

Featured Rs. 540/-

Club Sandwiches Deal

Sandwiches are Best Food!

Enjoy 2 Club Sandwiches and Get 1 free in just Rs.540 instead of Rs.820.

Featured Rs. 580/-

The Planet Special Deal

The Planet Special Deal

3 Zinger Burger, 1 Fries & 500ml Cold drink in just Rs.580 instead of Rs.699.

Featured Rs. 930/-

2 Large Pizza

Dazzling Pizza

Get your hands on Cheezy Pizza, 2 Large Pizza and Soft Drink (1 Ltr) in just Rs.930/- & save Rs.170. ...

Featured Rs: 340/- 306/-

Deal 1

Exclusively Special Offer

GoSpark brings you Ahbab Cafe & Fast Foods delicious one Broast Leg, One Krispy Zing, Coleslaw and F ...

Featured Rs. 224/-

Zinger Burger Deal

Zinger Burger !

Get Zinger Burger Only in Rs.224 instead of Rs.280.

Featured Rs. 500/-

Family Deal

Best Family Deal !

Family Deal Including Fried Rice, Chicken Shashlik, Mini Zinger, Chicken Burger, Roll, Fries & 3x300 ...

Featured Rs. 189/-

Pizza Fries Deal

Pizza Fries the most Satisfying Snack!

Pizza Fries Only in Rs.189/- instead of Rs.220/-.

Featured Rs: 700/- 560/-

Large Pizza

Dazzling Large Pizza

Get your hands on Cheezy Pizza, Large Pizza in just Rs.560/- & save Rs.140.

Featured Rs. 180/-

Wrap Roll Deal

Munching Scene On !!

Deal 1 including Cafe Wrap Roll, Coleslaw, Fries & 345ml Drink Only in Rs.180 instead of Rs.200.