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Q) What is GoSpark?

Free mobile app to enjoy exciting discounts from Restaurants, Hotels, Travel agencies and in day to day Services, even you can avail discounted packages of Health, Fashion, Jewelry, Furniture, Electronics and in Automobile segment. GoSpark offer Sparks (points) on availing the deals, writing a review and sharing the app with your friends & family members. These points can be redeemed from GoSpark Reward Catalog

Q) How does GoSpark work?

Download the App & Register Yourself with GoSpark

Choose Your Favorite Category

Select Your Favorite Deal

Request The Vendor To Insert Their 4-Digit Pin


Q) Is GoSpark free to use?

GoSpark is absolutely free to use. You can download the app without any charges from Google’s Play Store for Android devices and from the App store for iOS devices.

Q) Currently, in how many cities the app and website offers deals and discounts?

GoSpark is currently offering its services only in Karachi. However, GoSpark will be available in every city of Pakistan shortly.

Q) How do I avail discount?

Just click on your favorite category, all the available deals and discounts will be listed for In-store

The vendor will insert a 4-digit pin for confirmation.

Q) How many times can I use GoSpark to avail deals and discounts?

Users can avail any deal or discount as many times as they want.

Q) Does the app tells how many deals I have availed?

You can check the availed deals from the left menu tab in Transaction history.

Q) How can I list my Brand/Company/ Store on GoSpark.

Visit GoSpark register yourself, go to my dashboard (inside your name tab) click on my listings on left hand side menu on the website. Click on add listing and fill the forms to list your business on GoSpark

Q) What is the Favorite feature?

The favorite feature allows you to identify and save your favorite brands and deals to be availed at any point in time.

Q) Do I need to register with GoSpark to avail deals & Discount?

Yes, you need to register with GoSpark to avail deals & discount.

Q) Will I be notified when my favorite brand comes up with new deals and discounts?

The users will be notified via email and app notifications as soon as any brand comes up with new deals or discounts.

Q) What are the Top deals?

Top deals are those deals which users have liked and availed the most.