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YOU SAVE PKR 800 Rs: 1350/- 550/-

Regular Pizza

Regular Pizza!!

Enjoy 1 Regular pizza in just Rs.550 instead of Rs.1350.

YOU SAVE PKR 80 Rs: 660/- 580/-

Classic Combo!!

Classic Combo!!

Enjoy 1 chicken biryani ,1 beef pulao and 2 drink in justv Rs.580 instead of Rs.660

YOU SAVE PKR 70 Rs: 720/- 650/-

Beef Pulao!!

Beef Pulao!!

Enjoy 2 Beef Pulao and 2 Drinks in just Rs.650 instead of Rs.720

YOU SAVE PKR 40 Rs: 510/- 470/-

Fire Combo!!

Fire Combo!!

Enjoy 1 Fire crunch Burger, 1 Large fries and1 drink 345ml

YOU SAVE PKR 100 Rs: 1080/- 980/-

Family Deal!!

Family Deal!!

Enjoy 3 holy crunch burger and 3 drink in just Rs.980 instead of Rs.1080

YOU SAVE PKR 500 Rs: 1000/- 500/-

Generator Tuning 1-3 KW

Generator Tuning (1-3KW) !!!

Get your Generator Tuned Up at your doorstep at just Rs.500 instead of Rs.1000.

YOU SAVE PKR 600 Rs: 1200/- 600/-

Generator Tuning 4-6.5 KW

Generator Tuning (4-6.5KW) !!

Get your Generator Tuned Up at your doorstep in just Rs.600 instead of Rs.1200.

YOU SAVE PKR 250 Rs: 500/- 250/-

Basic Motorbike tuning

Tune your Ride !!

Basic Motorbike tuning at your doorstep for just Rs.250 instead of Rs.500

YOU SAVE PKR 180 Rs: 880/- 700/-

Large Pizza!!

Large Pizza!!

Enjoy 1 Large Pizza ,1 Lit Drink in just Rs.700 instead of Rs.880

Flat 50% off

Exclusive Deal!!

Flat 50% off

Enjoy Flat 50% off on entire stock

YOU SAVE PKR 450 Rs: 900/- 450/-

Double Deal

Double Deal!!

Enjoy 2 double decker burger in just Rs.450 instead of Rs.900