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YOU SAVE PKR 110 Rs: 360/- 250/-

Zinger Burger

Chick N Crisp !!!

Enjoy The Zinger Burger and 345 ml Drink In Just Rs.250 Now!!

YOU SAVE PKR 300 Rs: 800/- 500/-

Double Decker Burger

Double your pleasure!!

2 Double Decker Burger in just Rs 500 Only instead of Rs 800.

YOU SAVE PKR 115 Rs: 750/- 635/-

Aloo Paratha Plater

Best of the best !!

Yumilicous Aaloo Bhara Paratha Platter for 3 Person & 2 345 ML Soft Drinks in Just Rs 635 Only.

YOU SAVE PKR 200 Rs: 600/- 400/-

Loaded Large Pizza

pizza is life !!

Scrumptious Large pizza in Just Rs 400 Only.

YOU SAVE PKR 801 Rs: 1800/- 999/-

Belgian Malt Cake 2.5 LBS

Baked specially for you !!!

Delicious Belgian Malt Cake 2.5 LBS in just Rs 999 Only.

YOU SAVE PKR 320 Rs: 799/- 479/-

Regular Pizza

Pizza From East Village For YOU!

Buy a pizza from East Village Pizza & Pasta and taste the heavenly Pizza in Just Rs. 479 Only.

YOU SAVE PKR 400 Rs: 800/- 400/-

Generator Tuning 1-3 KW

Generator Tuning (1-3KW) !!!

Get your Generator Tuned Up at your doorstep at just Rs.400 instead of Rs.800.

YOU SAVE PKR 500 Rs: 1000/- 500/-

Generator Tuning 4-6.5 KW

Generator Tuning (4-6.5KW) !!

Get your Generator Tuned Up at your doorstep in just Rs.500 instead of Rs.1000.

YOU SAVE PKR 151 Rs: 300/- 149/-

Basic Motorbike tuning

Tune your Ride !!

Basic Motorbike tuning at your doorstep for just Rs.149 instead of Rs.300.

YOU SAVE PKR 200 Rs: 1200/- 1000/-

Pizza-licious Combo Deal

pizza-licious Combo Deal!!

Enjoy 1 Medium Pizza & 1 Large pizza in just Rs. 999 instead of Rs.1200