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YOU SAVE PKR 300 Rs: 1100/- 800/-

Volcano Burger

Buy One Get One Free !!

Buy One Valcono Burger Get Another One For Free in Just Rs 800 Only.

YOU SAVE PKR 1000 Rs: 5000/- 4000/-

voopoo infinity

voopoo infinity!!

buy voopoo vmate infinty pod system in just Rs.4000 instead of Rs.5000

YOU SAVE PKR 300 Rs: 900/- 600/-

Duo Burger

Duo Deal!!

2 Jab Zinger Burger in Just Rs 600 Only Instead of Rs 900.

YOU SAVE PKR 800 Rs: 3000/- 2200/-

Iced Pinacolada

Tokyo Flavour!!

buy Tokyo Ice pinacolada flavour 30 ml in just Rs.2200 instead of Rs.3000

YOU SAVE PKR 0 Rs. 25000/-

Buy 25 Lac Sparks!!

Buy 25 Lac Sparks!!

Now you can top up 2500000 Sparks (Points) in just Rs.25000.

YOU SAVE PKR 0 Rs. 5000/-

Buy 5 lac Sparks!!

Buy 5 lac Sparks!!

Now you can top up 500,000 Sparks (Points) in just Rs.5000.

YOU SAVE PKR 31 Rs: 530/- 499/-

Pizza Zinger Burger

Sizzling and Cheesy!

Pizza Zinger Burger in just Rs.499 instead of Rs.530.

YOU SAVE PKR 100 Rs: 950/- 850/-

Combo Deal

Combo Deal

Enjoy One Chipotle Grilled chicken burger ,one Mild House beef Burger & 1 chicken chunk fries in ju ...

YOU SAVE PKR 160 Rs: 810/- 650/-

Burger Combo!!

Kuch special hojaye!!

One non stop beef burger, one Bbq grilled burger in just Rs.650 instead of Rs.810

YOU SAVE PKR 241 Rs: 1280/- 1039/-

2 Medium Pizza

Pizza Party

Enjoy 2 medium Pizza in just Rs.1039 instead of Rs.1280

YOU SAVE PKR 121 Rs: 700/- 579/-

2 Small Pizza

its pizza O'Clock!!

Enjoy 2 small Pizza in just Rs.579 instead of Rs.700

YOU SAVE PKR 801 Rs: 1900/- 1099/-

Self Grooming Deal

Sharpen up yourself

Men's Grooming Deal in just Rs.1099 instead of Rs.1900