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YOU SAVE PKR 250 Rs: 1000/- 750/-

Buy Sparks

Get More Pay Less !!

Now you can top up 100,000 Sparks (Points) in just Rs.750.

YOU SAVE PKR 81 Rs: 360/- 279/-

Massive Deal

Massive Crunch!!

Enjoy 1 Massive crunch Burger in just Rs.279 instead of Rs.360

YOU SAVE PKR 300 Rs: 999/- 699/-

Finger Fish!!

Finger Fish

Enjoy 1 kg Finger fish in just Rs 699 instead of Rs.999

YOU SAVE PKR 81 Rs: 330/- 249/-

Krispy Deal!!

Crispy sandwich

Enjoy 1 Crispy sandwich in Just Rs.249 instead of 330

YOU SAVE PKR 121 Rs: 700/- 579/-

2 Small Pizza

its pizza O'Clock!!

Enjoy 2 small Pizza in just Rs.579 instead of Rs.700

YOU SAVE PKR 20 Rs: 700/- 680/-

Large Pizza

Bumper Pizza Deal!!

Enjoy 1 large pizza and 300 ml Drink in just Rs.680 instead of Rs.700

YOU SAVE PKR 100 Rs: 1350/- 1250/-

2 Large Pizza

simply the best !!

Enjoy 2 Large Pizza and 1 Lit Drink in just Rs.1250 instead of Rs.1350

YOU SAVE PKR 100 Rs: 1080/- 980/-

Family Deal!!

Family Deal!!

Enjoy 3 holy crunch burger and 3 drink in just Rs.980 instead of Rs.1080

YOU SAVE PKR 40 Rs: 510/- 470/-

Fire Combo!!

Fire Combo!!

Enjoy 1 Fire crunch Burger, 1 Large fries and1 drink 345ml

YOU SAVE PKR 50 Rs: 670/- 620/-

Decker Sandwich!!

Decker Sandwich!!

Enjoy 1 Triple Decker Sandwich,1 Pizza Fries and 1 plain in just Rs.620 instead of Rs.670

YOU SAVE PKR 70 Rs: 720/- 650/-

Beef Pulao!!

Beef Pulao!!

Enjoy 2 Beef Pulao and 2 Drinks in just Rs.650 instead of Rs.720

YOU SAVE PKR 50 Rs: 750/- 700/-

Mushroom Burger!!

Mushroom Burger!!

1 Mexican salsa zinger burger and 1 Mushroom Chicken Burger in just Rs.700 instead of Rs.750