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YOU SAVE PKR 151 Rs: 700/- 549/-

Wireless Mouse

Hp Mouse !!!

HP S4000 Wireless Mouse for just Rs 549 Only.

YOU SAVE PKR 60 Rs: 150/- 90/-

USB Data Cable

Charging Cable !!

Warner Micro Charging Data Cable in Just Rs 90 Only Instead of Rs 150.

YOU SAVE PKR 1501 Rs: 5000/- 3499/-

Gaming K9 Headphones

Plug it, listen to it, feel it !!!

Gaming Onikuma K9 Headphones in Just Rs 3499 Only.

YOU SAVE PKR 301 Rs: 1400/- 1099/-

Wireless MIC Speaker

Sound you can see !!

Wireless MIC Speaker in just Rs 1099 Only.

YOU SAVE PKR 301 Rs: 1300/- 999/-

Wireless Speakers

Let's make it the festival of sound !!!!

KTS 1337 Wireless Speaker in Just Rs 999 Only.