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Featured Rs: 450/- 280/-

X Cable Magnetic Cable

Advanced level of products !!

X Cable Metal Magnetic Cable in Just Rs 280 Only.

Featured Rs: 1200/- 700/-

Nan Meter Spray

Nan Meter Spray !!!

NanoMeter Spray Mist with Power Bank in Just Rs 700 Only instead of Rs 1200.

Featured Rs: 2700/- 2450/-

Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods !!!

Apple Airpods Pro in Just Rs 2450 Only Instead of Rs 2700.

BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Rs. 500/-

Phoneix Chilli Blast!!

cruchier Blast!!

Enjoy Pheonix Chilli Blast Burger in just rupees 500 Get another free

YOU SAVE PKR 600 Rs: 1200/- 600/-

Generator Tuning 4-6.5 KW

Generator Tuning (4-6.5KW) !!

Get your Generator Tuned Up at your doorstep in just Rs.600 instead of Rs.1200.

YOU SAVE PKR 500 Rs: 1000/- 500/-

Generator Tuning 1-3 KW

Generator Tuning (1-3KW) !!!

Get your Generator Tuned Up at your doorstep at just Rs.500 instead of Rs.1000.

YOU SAVE PKR 60 Rs: 640/- 580/-

Chicken Biryani

Biryani Must Hai !!!

2 Chicken Biryani and 2 raita 345 ml 1 zarda in just Rs.580 instead of Rs.640

Featured Rs: 2000/- 1700/-

Wireless Headphones

Enjoy Music Wirelessly!!

STN - 13/16 True Wireless Headphones in Just RS 1700 instead of RS 2000.

Featured Rs: 1000/- 750/-

TikTok Wierd MIC

TikTok Wierd MIC !!

Tiktok Wierd MIC LAV in Just RS 750 Only.

Featured Rs: 1000/- 750/-

Type C Handsfree

Tap to the rhythm !!

Samsung Wierd Type C Hands-free in Just RS 750 Only.

Featured Rs: 2200/- 1800/-

F9 Bluetooth Earbuds

Get high on the bass !!

F9 Bluetooth Earbuds in just Rs 1800 Only Instead of 2000.

Featured Rs: 1500/- 1200/-

Professional Tripod Stand

Capture it all !!

330-A Professional Tripod Stand in just Rs 1200 Only.