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FL-13, Gulshan-e-Jamal, Opp Suzuki Macca Motors, Main Rashid Minhas Road Karachi. 03112427684

Great food along with great company. cha roti Karachi is a chill hangout spot for the young and hip, with its outside seating and non-conventional setup, this place is for the people who dont like to play by the rules, this place serves fast food as in burgers and sandwiches with a sideline of fries, but their most iconic dish is their parathas as they are no ordinary parathas these parathas have a fun twist to them, they are filled with the different savoury fillings such as their chicken cheese paratha and fajita parathas. These guys are killing it with their shakes as well, they have oreo shakes and choco buster shake. But the must-try item in their menu is the mint margarita they serve, it tastes really good and refreshing especially after a long hot day of work or studies this is the best way to refresh yourself and revives your mind. Their burgers are really good as well and they bring some new flavours to the table as well such as their stuffed beef burger and the ultimate burger. Their ambience is out of this world with fairy lights surrounding the fences and an unconventional without a roof, open-air eating experience is just beautiful they have killed it with the aesthetics. Their under the sky eating experience is perfect for a casual hangout with friends it is a place where not only you can get your food it is also a great hanging out place with your friends every day and as the. cha roti deals in Karachi bring you the best deals in town with. cha roti deals and discounts provide you with the best value for the money and they don't cop out on the quality or quantity as well the food is great the ambience is great so then what's stopping you. try them out today.

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Gulshan-e-Jamal Karachi Branch November 24, 2019 07:17 PM
guest user

So delisious burger yammy!!!

Gulshan-e-Jamal Karachi Branch November 23, 2019 07:08 PM
Muhammad Yousuf

Good and excellent tast

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Rs. 220/-

Chicken BBQ Paratha

Health is wealth !

Chicken BBQ Paratha By Cha'Roti .

Rs. 320/-

Smoky Sandwich

Health is wealth !

Charcoal Smoked Chicken/Beef , Sauteed Capsicum & Onion .

Rs. 650/-

Pizza Paratha

Pizza Paratha Duo

Get the duo of Cha'Roti Pizza Paratha, Chicken Hot Shots With Mayo Dip Just In Rs.650 & Save Rs.110. ...

Rs: 400/- 300/-

Club House Sandwich

Saucy Delicious Deal

Get the Cha'Roti Delicious Deal. Buy Club House Sandwich, Mozzarella Sticks With Sriracha Sauce 2. ...

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06:00 PM - 02:00 AM
06:00 PM - 02:00 AM
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