Types Of Cuisines Found In Pakistan

types of cuisines in pakistan

The best thing about Pakistan is the fact that you can find almost anything in this country, the best example of this can be found in the food industry of Pakistan, where every dishes from every corner of the world are available. You will find hundreds of thousands of restaurants serving desi, Chinese, American, Turkish, Italian, Japanese all sorts of cuisines spread all across the country.

Food has a very deep-rooted significance in this country, food can be found in every alley of this country, from the busy markets selling unhygienic bun kababs and chaat to the posh areas with extravagant ambiances and excellent food, the people of Pakistan love their food no matter what the occasion is, food is an essential part of every family gathering. Every small to big accomplishment in this country is celebrated with food, the difference is the kind of restaurant which is chosen to celebrate.

Here are some cuisines Pakistan serves and the places that serve them

Japanese Food

Japanese food is one of the most exotic food found in this country and not everyone is a fan of their food, but the fact that no one can deny is that their food is very healthy and is the reason why Japanese people have a life expectancy better than most countries.

The most famous Japanese delicacy is “sushi” which is made from rice soaked in vinegar and is accompanied by vegetables and fish.

Chinese food

Chinese food is very popular among Pakistanis but most Pakistanis are only introduced to basic Chinese food and don’t get to try the more exotic dishes, there are many places serving amazing Chinese food, each restaurant trying to one-up the other and that is why most Chinese restaurants always have deals and discounts and are always trying to bring new dishes to mainstream audience, the most prominent name in Chinese food is Ginsoy as they have amazing food with great service and an ambiance that is unmatched by any other restaurant, check out Ginsoy discount deals for great deals on great food.

Italian food

Italian food has a deep-rooted connection with this country, you will find a pizzeria in every major area of this country, the country is so obsessed with pizzas they have added desi flavors of their own such as chicken tikka and malai boti, but most restaurants are only serving pizzas and pastas, which is just the tip of the iceberg when Italian food is considered, Italian food goes way beyond pizzas and pastas.

Desi food

There is an abundance of desi food on the roads of Pakistan, from the street vendors selling bun kababs, samosas and chaat to the thousands of restaurants serving dishes like karahi, biryani, tikka, chargha, malai boti, seekh kebab, and so much more. An example of desi foods can be found in almost every alley, market, and residential area. You can find desi food outside of schools and offices, you will find samosas, chaat and bun kababs in every neighborhood.

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