Top 5 Insane Family Pizza Deals For Karachiites

Pizza, an Italian dish, is loved by most Karachiites. From kids to teenagers to grown men, pizzas have made their way to almost every person’s heart in Pakistan. That statement can be proved by looking at the revenue generated by prominent pizza providers in the country. 

Broadway Pizza alone has 54 stores in 8 cities countrywide. Due to their dominant presence all over Pakistan and especially in Karachi, they hold the largest market share of the pizza business in Karachi, followed by Pizza Hut, which has more than 40 outlets across the country. 

By assessing their people’s intentions, GoSpark brings forwards a resource that will show the top 6 insane pizza deals in Karachi suitable for family gatherings.

Exclusive Extra Large Pizza Deal – Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, a well-known pizza provider in Pakistan, is offering a fantastic deal containing an extra-large 18-inch pizza with eight garlic bread pieces and a 1.5 liter Pepsi soda drink. The actual price of an overall offering is around 3,200 rupees, but using the GoSpark app, you can get your hands on it in just 1,999 rupees.

A delicious pizza made from your recommended Pizza Hut flavorings, eight pieces of garlic bread, and a soda drink will be served directly at your doorstep. You can relish garlic bread with soups, stews, or any gravies you prefer, along with your family. According to the deal conditions, the restaurant owner doesn’t offer dine-in options for their customers. 

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Fries + 4 Pan Pizzas – GT Fresh And Healthy Restaurant

GT Fresh and Healthy restaurant is a new venture but has excellent taste in its overall offerings. They are providing a “nowhere to be found” valuable deal having four pan pizzas with medium-sized fries for just 555 Rupees. The jaw-dropping factor of this deal is none other than its pricing, where you can get a mouthful of ingredients at nominal pricing. 

As per the deal terms and conditions, the offer is only valid for takeaways, and you can avail it before 30th June. As we understand, the date has passed, but the deal will resume again, so make sure you bookmark the deal page for future use. 

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2 Large Pizza – Burger Hut

Burger Hut is one of the premium food restaurants based in Karachi, with over 10,000+ fulfilled orders. They are located at a prime location in Gulistan-e-Johar, near Faraz Avenue Apartments. In this deal, they are providing two large pizzas at an economical price of 1,200 rupees. They are providing a 20% discount on this offering; without the offer, the same product would cost 1,600 rupees.

The offer comes only with a takeaway feature. Using Burger Hut, you’ll get a fantastic taste at pocket-friendly pricing and can relish many meals aside from pizzas and garlic bread. They have a host of other cuisines ranging from karahi to soups to salads. However, many people have mixed reviews about them. So, it’s better to consult someone who has recently tried their taste. 

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2 Large Pizza – Pizziano

Another terrific deal of 2 large pizzas is pushed forward by a top-notch pizza specialist named Pizziano. Their outlet is also located at Gulistan-e-Johar, near Omega Heights, Karachi. Their deal is available at a much more flexible price than its counterparts. You can get two large pizzas from Pizziano for only 850 rupees. They are known for their competitive pricing, where you can also avail of four large pizzas for just 1,600 rupees by dine-in at the restaurant. 

GoSpark deal is only available for people who want to take away their offering. With their quality work, they have made their way to the GoSpark Deal of the Week section. People who were exposed to Pizziano’s offerings gave them higher than the average rating of their foods. 

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2 Large Pizza – Hot Fire Cafe

Hot Fire Cafe is a young addition to the pizza market but has a lot of potentials if they do things right. Right now, they are offering two large pizzas within the price bracket of 900 rupees. By judging their reviews on Foodpanda, they are good in their services and have an adequate quality of food. 

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Where to Get More Deals?

Grabbing food deals in Karachi isn’t at all a difficult task. People of Karachi are crazy for food; they may not have a good lifestyle but have tasted almost every fancy restaurant and inn in the city. By targeting the citizens of Karachi, restaurant owners have made billions in revenue. One of the best ways to find the best pizza deals in Karachi is by asking netizens about their recent visits.

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