Top 4 Biryani Deals in Karachi Going on Right Now


Biryani is the favorite dish of most Pakistanis right now. If you made Biryani available for them 24/7, they would be fine to devour it without any hesitation. This rumored-to-be-made-by-Mughal dish is taking over the subcontinent due to the diverse option it provides, even to vegan people. Assuming that it would be a no-brainer to think why biryani deals are pretty common nowadays in Pakistan, especially in Karachi.

Now, if you’re a biryani enthusiast and having challenges finding the right deal for your craving, then this blog is for you. Today, we’ll show you the best you can get from any biryani deal in Karachi. So be ready with your fork or spoon or with your sanskari hath to dive into the ravines of the best subcontinent delicacy. 

4 Biryani (2 Double & 2 Single) + 4 Raita by Al Rehman 

This terrific biryani deal is available only at Rs. 1180. Al Rehman biryani and pakwan center is one of the most prestigious biryani makers in Karachi, and people are there to verify that statement. They are also working actively towards their digital presence rather than conventionally establishing only the physical part. 

People have praised Al Rehman a lot due to their chef’s persistence in working and creating the dish with the same ambiance and taste. You can try out their deal using this link.

2 Beef Biryani + 2 Raita + 1 Zarda by Al Rehman

Another special mention from Al Rehman, where they are providing yet another sizzling deal at the best possible price of Rs. 700. Such a biryani deal is best for a group of two and for them, in the end, the national delicacy of zarda is also provided. 

Al Rehman pakwan center is situated near Hajra Manzil on Nakhuda street in Kharadar Karachi. The restaurant provides both dine-in and drive-through servicing options, and you can also choose no-contact delivery at your convenience. You can avail of the deal using this link

1 Beef Pulao + 2 345ml Drink + Chicken Biryani by Snaxlix

Has a friend who is absolutely in love with beef pulao and you, on the other hand, choose something made up of rice and chicken? Thankfully, in this deal, we preserve both preferences. This time Snaxlix is providing an excellent taste at a pretty competitive price on our favorite dish – Biryani. You can also – at your convenience – buy the deal directly from the Snaxlix branch, located in Bahadurabad Karachi. Using the online option, you can get the deal from this page.  

1 Matka Biryani by Miraal

From the top, Miraal is a breakfast restaurant, however, they are quite specialized in providing the subcontinent’s favorite dish in a uniquely styled clay ‘matka’ that recently piqued interest among netizens. Coming back to the deal, you can purchase matka brimming with biryani rice at just Rs. 300. Miraal is among the popular restaurant in Karachi, and they are famous for their diverse style of dishes and unique taste. You can get your hands on the deal by using this link.

Ending Notes

Biryani deals are one of the most demanding food items among citizens. People of Karachi are in awe of the unique Mughlai dish, and they wouldn’t leave any stone unturned that provides a mouthwatering taste at an affordable price. Here, we have mentioned the four top biryani deals going on in Karachi, which you can buy at a discount.

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