The Best Rooftop Restaurants in Karachi


Rooftop restaurants are a great way to relish dining with your family or loved ones. With a tranquil and soothing atmosphere, you can enjoy the delicacy of every bite while continuously chattering with your guests. In this post, we’ll mention the best rooftop restaurants with premium taste and deals that will stick to your tastebuds for a long time and come light on your pocket.

Kolachi Ocean Mall Restaurant

Kolachi is a premium restaurant in Pakistan based in Seaview, Karachi. It offers mesmerizing view top from which you can experience the amazing sea breeze while having their finger-licking food options.

This highest-rated Karachi restaurant comes with a great ambiance that offers excellent deals at affordable prices. Along with appealing indoors, Kolachi provides a wide variety of edibles, including burgers, steaks, handi, garlic naan, prawns, salads, pasta, and whatnot, which come in great taste and sweet presentation.

Other than the food, indoors, and atmosphere, their customer service, and cleanliness are also top-notch, and demand applauds. They taught their employees etiquette that they reflect on while they’re dealing with customers. In our books, we’ll rate them 5/5.

BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight offers reliable deals on their servings. They have a fantastic rooftop that has a dedicated family section if you’re planning to come with a family. However, the atmosphere and cleanliness are up to the mark, even after hundreds of people are served there on a daily basis.

Their menus contain a wide variety of meals that can make anyone indecisive about their choices. From Karachitte’s all-time favorite biryani to crunchy burgers, they have everything to make your taste buds say ‘Jhinga Lala.’

There’s one thing you have to consider is that the restaurant is so huge and to avoid getting lost in the crowd and among hurried waiters, you’ve to keep asking their area guiders about where your family whereabouts are. Other than that, it’s a family-friendly, elegant restaurant.

Sky BBQ – Avari Towers

Sky BBQ on Avari Towers provides outstanding aesthetics and a beautiful atmosphere. It’s situated on the rooftop of Avari Towers at Karachi Cantonment, hosting unique surroundings in a City of Light – Karachi.

They are known for their delicious food, which is available at pretty fair pricing. One of the people’s favorites is the deserts and unique BBQ flavors they add to their menus. They even have peoples who are giving out recommendations to the people who’re asking them about which restaurant’s specialties or deserts they might try.

Apart from ambiance and food, their customer service is also extraordinarily responsive and caring. Whenever you need any help, they are there why people want them to be. No one’s place is missing or out any day at any time.

Sajjad Restaurant

Sajjad restaurant is located at the most prestigious location where the best restaurants in town are: Do Darya Karachi. Due to its fascinating location, it hosts hundreds and thousands of customers daily, making it one of the widely loved restaurants in Karachi.

Their food, on the other hand, their food is presented in a way that provokes a mouth-watering taste and gives out a soothing fragrance. Their lush menu includes mutton karahi, chicken malai boti, vegetable rolls, finger fish, and hundreds of others that make it look welcoming for every people.

For such a big restaurant, customer service and people management is everything, and Sajjad restaurant proves to us that in it, there’s no one better than them. People have rarely come out to talk anything negative about their customer service functions. For us, it’s one of the best restaurants to dine in, while enjoying the sea breeze that continuously relives your mood.

Springs Rooftop Cafe

Springs Cafe is another special mention in our grand list, located at a prime spot of Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Phase 6, Karachi city. It lightens anyone’s mood through its relaxing and serene atmosphere.

The Cafe doesn’t host a long list of foods that makes people tangled at every choice for no reason. But it offers items and options through which you can enjoy the best they have, prepared after practicing different things. Their meticulous styling and arranging of cuisine on a plate are nowhere to be seen in any restaurant.

Apart from food and atmosphere, their desert styling and taste are unmatchable. They are so persistent in their work that no such reports of bad styling and art have been reported in the past. And for that, most of the credits go to their plating service team. From our perspective, Sajjad Cafe is the best place to relish drop-dead gorgeous foods.

To Sum Up,

To be honest, the whole country of Pakistan and especially its former capital, Karachi, is known for its rich food and exquisite taste. Listing out the best restaurant can become an arduous task for an individual, especially when all such cuisines are from Karachi. Rest assured, the aforementioned places are the best where you can enjoy the best of all foods in the City of Lights.

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