Online Deals in Karachi: The Untold Story of 50,000 Smiles


While working continuously on its quality-focused customer services model, GoSpark has delivered more than 50,000 orders to its happy patrons all over Karachi. 

The journey to that number quite perfectly reflects the phrasing that goes by “easier said than done.” 

There were obstacles, and impediments, especially COVID-19 and other ups and downs pertaining to managerial problems and workforce issues — as happens with any beautiful thing at the time of its creation.  

However, GoSpark, with its people’s trust and human resources’ hard work, contained everything on its hands and continues to deliver more than our associates’ expectations. 

How Was it All Started?

In 2018, two friends, became overwhelmed with the taste of a cold coffee at a small retail dine-in, and thought about connecting the store owner with the chattering communities of the outside world.  

They both acutely analyzed the potential for growth in the number of sales that the online audience or “a platform” would bring to the coffee shop. 

When done talking, the coffee shop owner agreed to become a part of the new venture two guys were about to start. 

After working on the business model, reading case studies, and assimilating the expert’s guidance, everything at their disposal was excruciatingly waiting for their part to be played. 

And the subsequent dawn sowed the embryonic roots of what we called today as GoSpark. 

Promises We Delivered Through Online Deals in Karachi

That dawn, two friends pledged to give the following benefits to their countrymen: 

For Customers

GoSpark’s every step aligns with our consumers’ requirements, and we constantly try to curate the best buying, browsing, and shopping experience for them. We are creating a powerful, highly customizable, end-to-end model to construct a seamless, protected, and hassle-free user interface for our audience. 

  • GoSpark connects the country’s major and minor brand outlets – which are often overlooked by big companies – to the online audience seamlessly.

  • They bridge the gap between the expensive products people crave at affordable prices.

  • The aim is to provide massive cuts on branded items and edibles that can be low on pocket and heavy on experience and taste buds.

  • People want a one-works-for-all solution for their eCommerce needs; that’s what GoSpark is trying to solve.

  • Providing everything in one place along with making user-friendly UI and smooth navigation to follow along is one of GoSpark’s offerings.

  • Our unique reward system – sparks and discounts – that offer high price cuts is available for everyone anytime, anywhere. One can check out spark deals here

For Vendors

Our company’s first exposure is our associated brands. They have the utmost importance in our business domain, and GoSpark considers each one of them as its family

  • Our aim is to enable small to mid-sized to big retailers to host their services online in front of our 50,000 user base.

  • We aren’t restricting ourselves to food businesses. However, we are expanding vertically and onboarding various categories of influential and creative brands.

  • Our presence on iOS, Android, and the web is creating multiple portals for your brands to flourish and your items to sell more quickly. 

Online Deals in Karachi: GoSpark Future Goals

A company without ambition is a ship without a rudder. Our primary goal is to enhance our work processes and make a safe, smooth, and friendly place for our consumers. Right now, we are working on the following: 

Creating a Clean User Interface

Through product rebranding and redesigning, we are aiming to create a seamless experience for our customers to shop without any hassle, glitches, and fluff.  

Enhance Customer Experience

Customer experience is our top priority, and we are heavily working on that. Our customers’ problem-solving delegation actively works on solving the top queries from the client’s side. However, the aim is to automate the overall processes through the use of IoT, AI, and data. 

Rewards Program

We are upgrading our loyalty program and making it more inclusive, and implementing leniency on reward gathering, redemption, and points collection. This creates a seamless process for people grinding for better rewards. 

Ending Notes

GoSpark helps you find your favorite products with an amazing discount that is available on almost all of the offerings on the application. The goal is to enable users and vendors to reach the audience they really need and explore the boundaries of what they can really do in the online world.   

Be a part of the movement that will help the creative, relatively low spot-light brands to work and provide benefits to a larger audience.

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