Observing the 14th of August with Dignity and Sense of Responsibility

Now that Pakistan is getting ready to celebrate its 75th Independence Day, it is the perfect opportunity to think about what this holiday really represents. The 14th of August is a holiday for many of us, which means that we do not have to go to work or school on that day.

Independence Day, on the other hand, is about so much more than simply taking a vacation from the norm. It is a time to remember the great sacrifices made by our ancestors and the freedom warriors who came before us. These individuals gave up their lives, homes, and families in order to pursue the goal of an independent nation. Let us commemorate the 14th of August this year in a manner that is fitting, appropriate, and befitting of the legacy they have left behind.

Unity Over Division

On Independence Day, we are reminded that despite our differences in race, language, religion, and region, we are all members of the same Pakistani country. On this day, we put aside our disagreements and join together as one, bound by our undying affection for our homeland.

 We must encourage inclusiveness, fraternity, and peace among our fellow citizens rather than relying on nationalistic symbols such as the national flag to demonstrate our supremacy over other people. Make contact with people who belong to underrepresented communities and groups. Make them feel that they are a part of the festivities of Pakistan’s independence, which rightfully belong to all Pakistanis.

Simple Celebration Over Extravagance

It is possible to misinterpret extravagant festivals, intricate decorations, and showy parades as expressions of national pride. However, in point of fact, the extravagant celebrations that take place on Independence Day show a lack of genuine meditation on the more profound significance that lies behind this day.

 Choose to show your patriotism in a way that is uncomplicated and from the heart. Donating to charity organizations, volunteering for social causes, or keeping your area clean are all better uses of your time and money than squandering resources. The most compelling illustration of our nation’s moral fiber is seen in the selfless acts of community service performed by our own people.

Gratitude Over Forgetfulness

In our haste to celebrate our nation’s freedom, we often fail to recognize the immense contributions that our ancestors made. Ordinary people from all across the subcontinent laid down their lives for Pakistan’s independence, from the farmers and workers of Punjab to the fishermen and shopkeepers of Sindh. Take some time on the 14th of August to recognize and express gratitude to the people who were instrumental in making a dream a reality. Explain to future generations the difficulties that people faced in 1947. Our liberty was not acquired easily; we should never take it for granted.

Self-Reflection Over Chest-Thumping

In addition to being a time to rejoice in accomplishments, Independence Day is also an opportunity to conduct an honest evaluation of oneself. Are we, as citizens and leaders of Pakistan, being faithful to the vision that Pakistan’s founders had for the country? Have we been able to meet the dual tasks of constructing a country and providing for the welfare of its people? Let the 14th of August be a day for making lofty goals for the future as well as providing feedback that is helpful and constructive. The path to real advancement is not one marked by false bravado but rather by a never-ending pursuit of greatness.

Responsibility Over Recklessness

On Independence Day, in the midst of all of our patriotic passion, it is simple to get carried away. However, we must use intelligence to keep our desires in check. Causing injury to innocent civilians might be the result of irresponsible activity such as aerial fire, risky bike stunts on roadways, or boisterous mass gatherings.

 Take care to act responsibly throughout your festivities. Observe the safety procedures, do what the law says, and keep an eye out for one another. A feeling of responsibility to one’s community is necessary for genuine independence.

Favoring Restraint over Excess

Pakistan is confronted with significant economic obstacles, including a lack of resources and wealth inequality. The lavish Independence Day festivities held by the upper class, which include lavish dinners and costly apparel, are insensitive to the millions of people who are struggling to make ends meet.

 Try to keep your celebrations under control. On this day, rather of indulging in gluttony and extravagance, show compassion for your brothers and sisters who are in difficult circumstances. The ability of a country to look out for its most helpless citizens is an indication of how really autonomous it is.

Global Citizenship Over Isolationism

While we should be proud of our freedom, we should not lose sight of the fact that we are citizens of the world. Problems such as global warming, acts of violence, and violations of human rights are not limited by national boundaries. On the occasion of Independence Day, make a commitment to embrace environmentally friendly behaviors, speak out against injustice wherever it occurs, and provide assistance to underdeveloped countries via the provision of aid or volunteer labor. In a world that is becoming more and more linked, it is more important than ever to act as a responsible member of the international community

We have the ability to deliver on the vision of Pakistan’s founders if we observe Independence Day with the appropriate attitude. On this day, August 14th, may decency, conscience, and duty be the defining characteristics of our celebration. The people whose sacrifices made it possible for us to enjoy the freedom that we do ought to be honored in both the letter and the spirit of the festivities we hold.

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