Matka Biryani For Rs.149 instead of Rs.450

Food is a fundamental part of the culture of any society. Keeping up with your traditional and cultural values is what makes you different and stand out as a nation. Today, in the world of connectivity and digital dominance in human lives, it’s easy to explore the cultures and traditions of different nations digitally.

Coming towards our country Pakistan, as every country has their natural beauty and societal values that attract foreigners and local citizens to visit, feel and experience, Pakistan also has great natural beauty in the north region that have been visited by many people of the world a lot but our Traditional Pakistani colorful food is the ultimate winner in grabbing the attention of any foreigner or local citizen.

Talking about traditional food, the most famous dish in our country Pakistan is “Biryani”, a dish made of rice, mutton or chicken meat as preferred. Undoubtedly. Biryani is no more a regular dish to eat, it has become the source in bringing people closer.

There are a lot of restaurants in Pakistan offering Mutton biryani, chicken biryani, and beef biryani but Karachi is the city having restaurants which are most famous in offering the authentic and tasty biryani among other cities of Pakistan and Karachi is also way ahead in bringing decent innovation in food, Such as now people can eat biryani having a bit of earthy flavor because it is been cooked in a clay pot on charcoals.

Though these innovations some times are costly and can be heavy on pockets, as the innovation is increasing in food, innovation is also increasing in technology.

Usually, the Matka Biryani cost you around Rs.400-600 but as mentioned earlier, technology plays a part here in offering you the same dish in Rs.150 only.

Such as our application GoSpark offering Matka Biryani in Rs.149 from the restaurant Miraal, located in the famous area of Karachi, which is bahadurabad.

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