Kuchi’s and GoSpark is Offering Mega Deal in Rs.149

It’s been nearly 20 years since Pakistan has welcomed international brands in the Food industry and the response was amazing then and till now. The first preference of people when it comes to eating out is still international food brands and why not because people need quality, taste, and comfort if they’re paying for it.

In addition to that, branding plays a vital part in grabbing the attention of customers that includes superb marketing strategies that literally means feeding your brand in people’s minds through advertisements, keeping up the standards and providing amazing experience overall from designing the stunning product’s packaging to making the product tasty.

Coming towards our local food industry. The Fact is, our brands lack most of these strategies in becoming a complete brand that attracts people and make sure that we are providing the best food, except few.

Such as if you want to eat delicious Fried chicken, you know what brand pop-ups in your mind quickly. “Yeah !! you guessed it right” 😀 and that’s again an international brand.

However, things are evolving if we certainly talk about Fried Chicken. Fortunately, now we have our local brand that offers amazing fried food and the best part is that they are covering all the aspects right from making the product tasty to hitting the right marketing strategies when it comes to packaging,hygiene and an overall experience for customer who comes out to eat and spend their money.

Okay No More Suspense !! that brand is KUCHI’S

KUCHI’S offers a wide variety of chicken fried items at a very affordable prices and this is the best time to try It because GoSpark offering KUCHI’S Special Mega Meal including Zinger Burger, 2 Chicken Wings and a cold drink for just Rs.149 instead of Rs.405.

Download the GoSpark App Now and redeem this Offer 😀



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