Karachi, The City Where Everything Happens

Karachi Place

Karachi is the metropolis city of Pakistan, it is the largest economic hub of Pakistan and people from all over the country come here in search of work, but Karachi isn’t just a workplace, it is the city where everything happens, from the finest of cars owned by the richest and the most successful people in the country flying right past you at on the streets of phase VIII or the poorest of people living in conditions me and you could never even imagine surviving another day, people who have more they can even consume in their lifetime and people who are deprived of their basic needs, you’ll find everything in Karachi.

Karachi itself is very generous, it gives back to everyone living here if you work for it, but it doesn’t ask for anything in return and often people misuse that and exploit this city, but the city never minds and lets the people do what they are doing until they are caught, dead or rarely if their conscience wakes up and takes them to the right path. This city never sleeps either, you will find people out on the streets at any given moment, chai walas are open till 3 in the morning and nashta is available at 5 at most areas in Karachi, the hustle never stops, the people of Karachi start filling up the shahrah e Faisal at 6 AM, people suited up in formal clothes can be found sitting on their bikes as they head to work, while their attire doesn’t match their ride, they don’t care, they are oblivious to everything and just ride right across all their problems and onto their work, 42 kids rammed in a 32 seater bus some laughing and making faces out of the window and some half asleep, all going to a school preparing them for their future.

The markets of Karachi are a whole another story, the streets buzzing with the sounds of shopkeepers selling unique and creative dialogues to attract costumers, most of them live on a daily wage not making much but still come back the next day, the smell of bun kababs and the sounds of aunties almost demanding the shopkeepers to give them the saman at their price, it is a routine in the busy city of Karachi. Karachi deals are what runs this business, every business can profit in this city once they add the word “deal” or “sale” in this city.


The hairdressers in Karachi also come in an array as if you live in a lower-class area your local hairdresser will be named something like “babu bhai hair salon” which is quite a funny name but if you live in the posh areas of Karachi your hairdressers will be named something like dapper salon Karachi or pengs which sound like they charge a lot just from their names.

This is the beauty of my Karachi, a city full of hardworking and motivated people always striving for more than they have and always trying to find happiness in the worst of times.

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