How to Save Money on Food Orders in Karachi?


While craving for foods and not having enough money to get them is the problem, we Karachittes always face. That creates a never-ending battle in our mind, in which, for most, the food part always wins and forces us to overspend every single time. 

But what does a food lover do in such a situation? Answering not to order food is too cliche to hear and can turn off the most sensible readers (among us). That’s what we’ll be answering in today’s post, and we will find out tips that prove to be helpful in saving money while ordering food.

Find Cheaper Items With Good Taste

We all know that not all too lavish foods are worth it for your taste buds. For example, having a chai at Pathan hotel is found to be more soothing compared to some high-end, costly cafes. The same goes for the restaurants in your vicinity.

Not every big-name comes with an excellent taste; similarly, every great taste isn’t tied to any brand. It’s your job to find the best and cheap restaurants in your food delivery services that make your hard-earned money worth spending.

Be Careful With Delivery Fees

Some delivery apps dubiously add delivery fees more than the ordered amount. And to encounter it, they usually throw legal jargon at you in the name of GST and taxes; whenever you try to contradict such a high amount.

One way to avoid such a hike is to go with apps that offer minimal or almost zero delivery fees. By doing this, you can save up to 1000rs on each delivery and can pay as a tip to the rider coming to your door to serve you delicious food.

Cut Down on The Extras

Extras and toppings, most of the time, costs more than they should. Restaurants and cafes stupendously generate massive capitals on amenities that we ask them to add to our food. And sometimes, it doesn’t even feel like they actually added anything over the top of the ordered menu.

On the other hand, if we learn from YouTube and try to manage toppings by ourselves, we can curate a dish a thousand times better than any “top” eatery ever offered. And its organic taste will make so much more sense to our tastebuds compared to some closefisted restaurant owners.

Use Coupon Codes

Having a coupon or discount code is a luxury, not every food lover is entitled to. If you’re one of the lucky men who belong to such a coupon group, then my friend, your buddies, or relatives might let you feel like a ‘chad’ among them. So, know your worth and get easy on spending coupons ;).

Watch Out For Promos And Deals

Deals and promos are such incredible ways to save money on your food deals, especially in Karachi. Having them at your disposal makes you independently choose what to offer in these parsimonious times.

While looking for such deals, make sure you don’t stumble upon a shady offer that overly exaggerates an expensive product to make it sell more in the name of the deal. Spotting and avoiding such a deal is great while overlooking such restaurants too is the most “Giga Chad” thing you can do.

To Sum Up,

It’s a good practice for your financials and health not to overspend too much on a single food item. Therefore, it’s always good to save some money and eat the best that you can on a limited budget.

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