How to Get Discounts From Online Stores in Pakistan?

According to research, mainly Asia and especially South Asians now have a great tendency to become the next biggest consumer market in the world. Countries such as India, China, Pakistan, and others are brimming with population, as all three of them control 50% of the world population.

Pakistan, with its 220 million people, can become the next hotspot for almost any brand in the world. Due to its massive middle class, all small and big businesses can fill their deep pockets and still have enough to pass for generations. Similarly, when companies profit from the country’s audience, they tend to provide ease to their customers.

For that, in Pakistan, there are hundreds of online stores that provide discounts to people, and that’s what we are hunting for today. We have researched and compiled the online eCommerce stores that offer hefty discounts to their customers. So, what are you waiting for? Read now to know more about them.

GoSpark Deals App

GoSpark is one of the most used apps in Karachi when it comes to online discounts and deals. They have a system that supports their customers and help them to make the most out of their platform. Out of many niches, they predominantly work in the domain of food deals and discounts.

Other than that, GoSpark has a plethora of vendors belonging to different industries, ranging from private beach houses, men/ women/ and kids clothing, technical home appliances, gym equipment, wearables, shoes, fitness watches, and whatnot. All of such products are available on their online web and mobile applications at a discounted price never seen before.

Apart from company-placed discounts, they have also introduced a ‘spark’ system, which acts as a token that can give you your desired product at half of the original pricing. Spark tokens are offered once a month, and all users who have made the user account on the app can get their hands on them.

Note: GoSpark is only available for the people of KARACHI only. They have a massive database of 60,000 people, all of them are from Karachi. People living outside the city and country cannot be able to use the service at their place.

We have created a detailed guide on how GoSpark works and how you can avail of massive discounts on the app as a first-time user.

Daraz Online Sales, a prestigious brand located in Pakistan, has a long history of providing astonishing discounts and deals to the countrymen. It’s one of the companies that had started its journey in a troublesome time when the State of Pakistan was going haywire, and the country had a pretty imbalanced law and order situation.

In those challenging economic and unstable situations, the brand hadn’t only survived but thrived in all aspects. Later, in 2018, the company was acquired by the Chinese eCommerce giant, named Alibaba Group. Daraz has rebranded itself and opened doors to many opportunities for small business owners across Pakistan.

Daraz is well-versed in providing discount deals on its platform. The company has reached such heights where, whenever you visit their site, you will see astounding discounts on various products, mainly on electrical appliances and smartphones.

Following Black (blessed) Friday, the company has also launched a similar program known as 11-11 (Giyara-Giyara), which gets live on 11th November across Pakistan. Through their widespread country dominance, anyone from anywhere can get their hands on Daraz’s products without having any difficulty.

Golootlo Discount Vouchers

Golootlo is another startup based in Pakistan that has created its presence across Pakistan in a unique way not experimented with by any other brand. They are in-person reached out to small shop owners frequently visited by the local audience. The company is implementing the strategy across the country, visiting every small but crowded shop.

The thing they did after visiting the shop is worth noticing too. They made a partnership and provided small plastic stands for every shop owner to display on their counter, and people would receive discounts once they scanned the barcode showcased on the stand. Through this, all the parties involved in the business would get equal opportunity in the profits.

Golootlo, without investing much in ads, makes itself widespread in the eyes of the local audience through its targeted marketing efforts. There are very few examples of the outcome achieved by other brands implementing this strategy. If you want to know more about them, visit their online website, as everything is available there.

Shophive eCommerce Store

Shophive, a leading eCommerce brand established in 2005, slowly made its name among the major eCommerce players across the country. The company mainly hosted electrical items and electronic gadgets, including cameras, PlayStations, games, televisions, and whatnot. Sony, Xiaomi, Samsung, Amazon, and others are among the platinum category whose products fall in the particular section on the website.

Shophive in 2005 was a Lahore-based startup that gained popularity in late 2010-11. The company’s team is located at the top-notch location in Lahore, in the commercial lounge of Al-Hafeez Studio Apartments. The company is well-known for its fast product delivery, exquisite customer experience, and seamless customer support.

To avail of discounts from Shophive, you can visit the company’s website and search for your desired product there. They have a fantastic catalog filled with the name of top brands that showcase their premium product at an excellent discounted price. Once you choose the product, you can either pay online using your card or using cash on your doorstep.

What’s The Next Step?

Pakistan, as a country, has tremendous potential for the growth of eCommerce. In the perturbation conditions of 2021, the country has made over $6 billion in revenue from the eCommerce sector. This shows what will happen once we fuel up the right way and implement proven strategies. The only thing that needs to do is the ‘will ‘to make things right for the country.

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