GoSpark: Game of Amazing Ramadan Deals

Amazing Ramadan Deal-GoSpark

Ramadan is just around the corner. Oh, wait, it’s here and massive hunger games have begun along with lots of prayers and blessings. The month is surrounded by piping hot pakoras, chilled glasses of rooh afza and countless blessings from the Almighty. Iftar drives and charity programs kick start so that not a single person goes to bed without eating.

Families and friends gather over iftaris and sehris where they eat, pray and talk together. In a nutshell, the entire atmosphere is oh so amazing and priceless. This Ramadan, Allah has blessed a surprise upon you guys in the form of amazing Ramadan deals on food and other commodities by none other than GoSpark. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

The Beverage House

Feel free to use GoSpark buy one get one free voucher if you’re unable to control your cravings for oreo shake, qulfa falooda, mocktail or even a burger. Head over to The Beverage House to deal with your cravings in not more than Rs. 250.

Pizza Den

You love pizza. She loves pizza. This whole world loves pizza. And guess what? There are so reasonably priced deals by GoSpark at Pizza Den that will take this love affair to a whole new level. You can enjoy up to 20% off there. So next time when your friends ask you to get them a pizza you know where you’re taking them.

Ali Jewel

Eid preparations are also in full swing during Ramadan. If you’re looking for bangles for yourself or cufflinks for your better half then there’s a piece of good news for you. You can avail flat 25% off on silver jewellery, cufflinks, wrist watches and wallets and bangles by using GoSpark vouchers.

Habib Paradise Farm House

If you are tired already of prepping iftari and sehri at home and then you deserve a day full of relaxation. Habib Paradise Farm House has amazing packages for Ramadan. Either book the farmhouse for 12 hours or 24 hours. Invite your friends and family and have fun the entire day. Rs. 13,000 is the maximum you’ll have to pay if you make use of GoSpark.

Memon Farm House

GoSpark has another farmhouse in their list where you can get up to 45% off. You can take 40 people with you and book the farmhouse for 20 hours. Sounds fun, no?

Tour Deals & Packages

If you have been planning an Umrah and you couldn’t find reasonably priced deals on travel then God made this one for you. You can get very affordable Umrah packages by Sohrabi Travel & Tour an Al Faiq Travels. So, use GoSpark and get your prayers answered in the holiest places. To be more clear you can now perform Umrah at the lowest price of Rs. 85,000.

BY Garments

Eid shopping is totally incomplete without shopping for clothes. GoSpark brings you incredible deals on branded clothing. You wouldn’t want to miss out on these because these buy one get one and buy two get one free. You can shop your favourite shirts for as low as Rs. 900. So let the shopping spree begin and fill your wardrobes with M&S, Zara, Esprit, Being Human and Jack & Jones t-shirts.

Visit www.gospark.pk to learn more!

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