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Who’s the Global superstar of all time? who’s the most popular in the world? and who’s loved by all of us? and it’s none other than Pizza 😀 for sure. <3 The origin of pizza is from Italy but Pizza is a dish that has been accepted by all over the world with all heart.

Same goes with Pakistan, in December 1993, Pizza hut begun it’s operation in Karachi Pakistan and it was the first international restaurant chain to venture in Pakistan. It was loved by people of all ages. Since then it’s been more than 25 years and pizza has become a part of our culture and many amazing local pizza joints have opened in all over Pakistan after the popularity of pizza, though Karachi is a bit ahead in the game as there are amazing pizza restaurants in Karachi, people living in Karachi or visiting soon should click here ➡ pizza deals in Karachi

and here comes the most interesting part, you can get amazing discounts and deals on your favorite pizza restaurants through GoSpark app 🙂

GoSpark is one of the best discount app in Pakistan, offering amazing discounts and deals on food, clothing, medical and much more.

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