GoSpark Adding One More Digital Payment Method for Our Users

With the accelerated advancement of technology, the future goes hand in hand with the present. The trends are quickly taking shape, which is why it is so important to keep up with the evolution that affects the most varied areas, such as online payment methods.

Keeping that in consideration, GoSpark has added SimSim mobile digital wallet created by Finja to their payment method to make it more convenient when it comes to paying for your desired products, services and deals that add value in our user’s life by using GoSpark.

“Paying in advance” and booking your desired discounted deals without getting into the hassle of reaching towards the vendor’s outlet at the earliest before the limited offer gets out of stock, this significant convenience of securing the offer is only for digital wallet users.

Zain Abdullah
Social Media Executive

About GoSpark:

GoSpark is a platform aiming to digitalize businesses by showcasing its products and services on its website and mobile application.
The concept is to create in-store engagements through live notifications sent to walk-in customers on their handheld devices. GoSpark focuses on generating customer traffic by registering businesses and promoting their discounted deals on our platform.
This version of GoSpark includes a web portal for businesses, where they can create, edit or update their listing and also view business traffic generated by GoSpark. We also promote the deals provided by our registered businesses through SMS & Email marketing, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and also on ad banners. For users, the website/application provides free business information of registered businesses showcasing their discounted deals and services.
GoSpark has much more for you, not only a wide food range, they also have 11 categories from where you can shop & SAVE more than you think. Now it’s easier for you to save BIG with just one tap i.e. DOWNLOAD NOW

About SimSim Mobile Digital Wallet – A product powered by Finja

SimSim digital wallet is created by Finja to provide customers with financial ease. Users can make zero cost payments with zero MDR which means maximum convenience for all parties on the platform. But that’s not it, Finja made sure that the digital wallet qualifies as a lifestyle wallet which is designed for not only mobile payments but also numerous other features that include Bills and Top-ups, Inter bank funds transfer, Bookings, Gift vouchers and much more. Visit Finja

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