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Who has gathered the most committed fan base among all the fast food, any guesses?

Yeah, it’s undoubtedly “The Burger” 😀

In Pakistan, it took a bit of time for the general population to develop the taste of the burger, considering the fact that initially there was only one legit burger joint in Pakistan and that too was an international brand.

After the wide popularity of burgers and people gradually developed the taste of having a beef patty with delicious sauces, lettuce, and other tastemakers wrapped in buns, local food chain restaurants realized the potential of selling burgers under their local branding would definitely beneficial, and it happened.

Since then, all most it has been more than 15 years Pakistan has a huge number of local fast-food chains selling delicious burgers both in chicken and beef. Though there are some best local brands selling best burgers in Karachi ← click to check out cause one should never miss out on the burgers Karachi has to offer 😀

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