Breakfast in Karachi


With the daily rush, sometimes we don’t have time to prepare breakfast. But did you know that the morning meal is a great opportunity for the inclusion of essential nutrients that are hardly consumed at other times of the day? So try not skip your first meal of the day and if you’re in real rush, you can always pick up your meal from the restaurants that offers best breakfast in Karachi.

According to nutrition experts, one reason is that the foods in this meal are the first fuels of the day. After several hours of fasting, the body – especially the brain – needs food. Another good reason: if you don’t eat properly at the beginning of the day, you may experience hypoglycemia due to the low presence of glucose in your blood. And the result of this lack of nutrients in the body comes through dizziness, nausea, and even fainting.

Also, the lack of breakfast can contribute to a change in mood, difficulty concentrating, and, in the long run, lead to overweight and obesity. This is because, when skipping breakfast, the person tends to eat a lot more at the next meal.

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