Best Places to Relax in Karachi

Best Places to Relax in Karachi

After a crazy chaotic week working like robots 9 to 6, all you want is a place to relax and loosen yourself up in a calm place that feels close to nature and has a picturesque view. A place that doesn’t remind you of busy city life and it’s ugly traffic, like a guesthouse at a hill station, beach or a farmhouse in the countryside, separate from city life. It is important to spare some time for yourself and your loved ones.

Some of the benefits of weekend getaway are:

  • You catch fresh air and appreciate nature’s serenity.
  • You get to clear your mind which helps release stress.
  • On normal weekdays, you don’t get enough time to spend with your friends and family. Going on an excursion once a month, let you cherish little moments with your friends and family and make memories there.
  • You get the time to do things you love, like book reading, gossiping with friends, playing your favorite sports or anything you like.
  • You explore new things and discover mother nature’s hidden beauty.

Now, you know how much a good respite is needed. Continue reading this blog, to find amazing places in Karachi and around it, that are perfect for 2 days trip, amidst the bustling Karachi life.

1- Beach

Weekends call for relaxation and fun and being a Karachiite nothing feels fun and relaxing like a beach. Especially, in summer beaches are the perfect weekend getaways. Karachi has a variety of beaches extending all the way from Clifton beach to the Balochistan coastline. You can do loads of stuff there like camel riding, horse riding, play water sports, barbeque and bonfire, brunch, building sandcastles, and obviously drenching yourself in seawater and sand. Some of the exotic beaches are French beach, Sandspit, Sonmiani Beach, Manora beach, Mubarak Village and Hawke’s bay. While many are still untouched.

If you dare to be a bit more adventurous, head to Astola island, Kund Malir, Moola Chotok or Charna Island.

2- Gorakh Hills

Gorakh hills also called “Murree of Sindh” is a perfect weekend getaway who loves adventures. It is a hill station near Dadu district in Sindh, situated at an elevation of 1,734m in the Kirthar mountains. If you are exhausted with the hot Karachi weather, head over to Gorakh Hills for a short excursion trip. Breathtaking views and it’s natural beauty is an ideal tourist spot. Up high there, enjoy the chilly night, camping and stargazing. Go along with a tour group or drive by car with friends or family.

3- Farmhouse and Resorts

Karachi has a great range of farmhouses and resorts in its vicinity. From its countryside areas to nearby districts, many farmhouses, resorts, and water parks are there for people to relax and enjoy. Some have desi village inspired the look and some have lavish interior and recreational facilities. Book a farmhouse with GoSpark mobile app and avail amazing discounts on some of the best farmhouses in Karachi. Head to Memon farmhouse or Al Ghani farmhouse Karachi, both are ideal for night stay, safe for families and have amazing services and facilities. Serenity there is absolutely worth the night stay.


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