9 Affordable Restaurants in Karachi


Excuse me, wonderful foodies! Craving for some delicious food but low in cash? Have no fear, and without further ado, choose the finest dining options this area has to offer.

Look, you’ve landed in Karachi. Everything you need is right here in plenty. You just need to go out into the world a little bit. The previous obstacles to visiting these locations have been removed. We have compiled a list of several inexpensive options for you to consider. Make a single mouse click, and you’ll instantly be sent to your destination.

  1. Biryani Center

    You’ve probably heard of this site. That’s right; you nailed it. This is one of the city’s most well-known food courts, with locations all across Karachi with a menu that includes fast food and Haleem. They use creative recipes to produce their meals. This restaurant stands out because of its friendly nature to those with limited budgets, thanks to its affordable prices.
  2. Javed Nihari

    Famous for its nihari, this restaurant can be found in Azizabad and Naseerabad. There are many people in line every day who want to try its Nihari, so plan. Simply said, they provide a very concentrated flavor of Nihari in very little time. If you’ve never tried “Nalli Nihari,” you need to. It’s perfect, and you’ll adore it.
  3. Mirchili

    Yummm! A “chatkora” person would be quiet at home at this restaurant. It offers a wide selection of spicy and flavorful Indian Gujarati street food.
    A large selection of tasty snacks is available for very low prices, and they are all excellent enough to satiate your appetite completely.
  4. Noorani Kabab House

    Katakat may be heard all around the Noorani Kabab House neighborhood. No matter how you slice it, the Special Katakat is in a league of its own among the many famous Indian meals served here. To taste this unique Katakat, people go from across the city to Noorani. If you and two or three pals are in the mood for Indian cuisine, here is the place to satisfy your cravings.
  5. Pizza Point

    This is the only dish that can compete with pizza. What if it may be had for very little outlay of cash? Now you know. The pizza at Pizza Point is delicious and affordable (penny pizzas!) without sacrificing quality. Its Mexican sandwiches and spaghetti are pretty popular. Need to try it. You’ll adore visiting there since the cuisine is so delicious.
    Guys, Pizza Point is not only a great place to eat but also a great place to have parties because of the low prices of their party packages. They also sometimes (especially during holidays like Independence Day and others) provide reduced promotional deals and coupons.
  6. Tipu Burger

    Tipu Burger, conveniently located near Boat Basin, offers the lowest-priced bun kababs in town, along with free refills of chatni and mayo. The icing on the bun kabab is that you may make it whatever you choose! The Daal Anda Bun Kabab at Tipu’s is irresistible.
  7. Yadgaar Fish

    Considering how expensive fish often is, the fish at Yadgaar fish is the most reasonably priced you’ll find anyplace in K-town. Live grilled fish is something you cannot miss. Yadgaar has a variety of fish dishes, including boneless Dhotar fish, fried Heera, and fish karahi. Each of these dishes was created with your palate in mind.
  8. Hanifia

    All Karachiites owe it upon themselves to sample the legendary hunter beef known by Hanifia. The tender, juicy hunter meat topped with the perfect blend of sauces and served on a warm, fresh bun is sure to tantalize any gourmand’s palate.
  9. Seafood Spots at Hassan Square

    Last but not least, there is Hassan Square Food Street, and sure, this avenue has variety of seafood restaurants in Karachi. This is a street specializing in seafood. Additionally, fish are the main reason the area is famous. There is a great variety of seafood restaurants, each of which offers excellent seafood meals at reasonable prices. When in college, my friends and I would come to Hassan Square Sea Meal points for the fantastic and delicious food without breaking the bank.
    So, gentlemen, as you can see, there is no need to stress how to afford a decent supper on a budget. Maintain a state of calm, socialize, and have a good time.
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