8 Desserts Karachiites Absolutely Love

8 Desserts Karachiites Absolutely Love

Karachiites taste buds have evolved over time. Now, they are not only limited to desi food, but they have also explored non-desi flavours as well.

From Kulfi to Lava Cake, here is all you need to know about 8 desserts that Karachiites love:



1. Faluda

Faluda is one of the most popular desi desserts which nobody can dare to resist. The rich combination of colourful vermicelli, ice cream,  chilled flavoured milk, jelly and sweet Basil seeds is perfect for a generous and filling dessert. Beat the heat with a glass of faluda and satiate your sweet tooth.

2. Gulab Jamun

Be it a homecoming, wedding, post result celebration, eid or any happy occasion, gulab jamun is a must. It’s a sweet treat of its own kind that no other dessert can beat. Soft milk dough balls dripping with sugar syrup when melt in mouth is absolutely divine. From kids to aged ones, everyone loves gulab jamun. It is a moment of sheer bless vande gulab jamun appears in front of you.

3. Kulfi

Kulfi is every Pakistani’s, especially Karachiites childhood love. This refreshing sweet delicacy brings a lot of childhood memories. Rich milky kulfi infused with nuts and spices and topped with pistachios and sweet syrup is a perfect choice to kick off the summer heat.

4. Jalebi

One of the most popular desi desserts is jalebi. Jalebi is known to be a perfect combo with samosa and chai. It is circular entangled flour batter deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. This desi sweet is famous all-over South Asia, available everywhere around the street sweet shops, bakeries and stalls. Jalebi makes a great dessert for fulfilling sweet tooth cravings anytime.



5. Ice-cream

Who doesn’t even love ice-cream? Barely few can say no to a scoop of it. Nothing beats the heat on a super hot day in Karachi as ice-cream does. Ice-cream is something that everyone goes bonker for and when it comes to flavour there is a wide list of it. Some of the distinct ice cream flavours popular in Karachi are mango, krunch, vanilla, pistachio, strawberry, coffee and chocolate.

6. Kunafa

Kunafa by its origin is a Middle Eastern dessert. This Arabic classic and sophisticated delight has made its way to Karachi eatery all the way from Arab. Made of sweet cheese, vermicelli, fine crispy semolina dough sprinkled with pistachios and sugar syrup is absolute heaven in the mouth. If you are really craving for some insanely delicious Kunafa in K-town head to Mandi house. Best Kunafa in Karachi is served there.

7.  Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Chocolate fudge brownie is a classic fancy dessert which is a perfect balance between the not too cakey and not too gooey or runny with smooth glistening texture. Choco fudge brownies are everyone’s absolute favourite. The magic lies in the silky fudgy texture which shouldn’t be too dense or cakey. It makes a perfect combo with classic coffee.

After having fine burgers from fire house burger and grill, head to the dessert bar and order chocolate fudge brownies.

8. Lava Cake

Chocolate makes everything better and so does lava cake to your mood. It is probably one of the most versatile culinary applications of chocolate. Possibly, there is nothing better than molten chocolate lava cake to uplift your gloomy mood. The gooey runny chocolate oozing out of the rich chocolate cake’s center is a treat to watch. Lava cake is best served with ice-cream. It is an ideal dessert that combines hot and cold, the warmth of the oven and cold of the ice-cream scoop.

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