12 Top-Rated Desi Pakistani Restaurants in Karachi


Karachi is one of the best places in South Asia to eat because of its big and diversified population. Here is a list of the top 12 Pakistani restaurants in Karachi, where you may get the most genuine and delicious food.

  1. Kolachi

    One of the wildly famous local eateries is Kolachi. We think its distinguished seaside setting and delicious food are major factors in its popularity. The restaurant’s open-air wooden structure is attractively designed, making it a perfect place to celebrate special events or simply enjoy a pleasant evening with delicious food and company. Kebabs are popular, but the people also love their Makhni Handi and seafood dishes.
  2. Kababjees

    Kababjees may not be a very ancient company, but it is a very powerful one in the culinary industry. Their rapid rise to prominence is compelling evidence of the superiority of their products and services. Their rapid expansion around the city means that reservations are highly recommended, particularly on the weekends. They have a beachfront location near to Kolachi that offers stiff competition. Every one of their locations is warm and inviting, with plenty of seats and a nice ambiance. As the name would imply, their kebabs are delicious.
  3. Lal Qila

    How about dining like a king at a Mugal-themed buffet where you may sample any and every Pakistani cuisine you can imagine? That’s what we assumed, anyhow. The Red Fort, also known as Lal Qila, is where you should be. It’s housed in a really one-of-a-kind edifice designed like a fort, and both the cuisine and the atmosphere will make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time many centuries to a period of more nobility. It is a pleasant place to spend the evening because of the open gardens and soft lighting.
  4. Zahid Nihari

    To be sure, Karachi serves up the greatest Nihari in all of Pakistan. Now, it’s also a no-brainer, as any Karachiite will tell you, where to get some wonderful Nihari in Karachi, and that distinction goes to a specific Nihari restaurant. The name of this is Zahid Nihari. Order the beef Nihari and eat it with some of their hot naans. The cuisine is the main attraction here. The building itself is unpretentious and spotless but may become very noisy due to its high volume of foot traffic. Being simple and inexpensive, it may be used every day of the week.
  5. The Deli

    The Deli is widely regarded as one of Karachi’s finest dining establishments. The Deli, which serves gourmet food created with only the best ingredients, has a vast selection of delicious options, such as creative sandwiches, healthy salads, hearty entrees, and sweet treats.
    Desserts are crafted with foreign chocolate and cheeses of the finest grade, while exotic main dishes are prepared using fresh, tasty ingredients of the same caliber. The Deli’s menu focuses on Mediterranean cuisine, although there are also some genuine Thai and European selections.
    The Cappuccino Brownie with Ice Cream and the Roast Beef Wasabi Sandwich are two of the most well-liked desserts and main courses, respectively. Menu items like shrimp cocktail and chicken sate, both traditional and novel, but always with a contemporary touch, are also available.
  6. Al-Bustan Restaurant

    At Al-Bustan, a restaurant in Karachi open 24 hours, diners may choose from an excellent breakfast, lunch, dinner, hi-tea, and Sunday brunch buffet. The Mövenpick Hotel’s Al Bustan restaurant is renowned for its elegant decor and exquisite modern menu.
    The restaurant features a large selection of buffet meals for both lunch and supper in addition to the standard a la carte menu.
    Al-Bustan is the place to go for wonderful food from around the world and all over the world.
  7. Meerut Kabab House

    Meerut is one of the oldest brands in the city, and it has been trusted by Karachi residents for centuries. It’s because their kebabs are always spot-on that they’re able to compete so well in the crowded Karachi food market. The kebabs are fantastic, but you shouldn’t take your significant other there for a special occasion since the restaurant is noisy and has no particular decor. However, if your stomach is easily upset, you may want to skip this one and look at more refined dining options instead.
  8. Khanji

    This one is pretty new yet it has developed a large following due of a vast range of excellent Pakistani cuisine. Another selling element is the restaurant’s bright and colorful truck art decor, which evokes a genuine Pakistani vibe and makes the space seem welcoming and energetic without sacrificing the restaurant’s high-end style. It’s a hit in Karachi, and it will be a hit with you, too.
  9. BBQ Tonight

    BBQ Tonight is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Karachi serving traditional fare. Most Karachiites are familiar with their origin story, and many attribute the restaurant’s meteoric rise from a food stall to a genuine passion for its cuisine and the values it symbolizes. All of the staff members are quite kind and helpful, and the food is delicious. It serves delicious chops, ribs, prawn masala, and Afghani boti.
  10. Zoaq Restaurant

    The residents of Karachi unanimously agree that Zoaq serves some of the city’s best meals. Their location within Dolmen Mall comes with a sea-looking glass wall where you get a majestic view while you wait for your order. Beautiful mood lighting creates an elegant and relaxing environment. A few of the local’s favorites include Chicken and Mutton Handi and Kebabs. However, the restaurant’s location, view, and ambiance mean that it is on the more expensive side.
  11. Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House

    It should be no surprise that every commercial street in Karachi is lined with kebab establishments, given the prevalence of kebabs in the city’s restaurant cuisine. Sheikh Abdul Gaffar Kabab House is among the greatest of these restaurants. Even though their first store is situated on Tariq road, they have opened a more premium outlet at Port Grand. In terms of mouthwatering cuisine, they are right up there with the best of them. Chicken Behari, Gola/Dhaga Kebabs, and Malai Boti are some of their famous dishes. It’s not a fancy place, but the cuisine is delicious.
  12. Zameer Ansari

    Despite its modest origins as a roadside cafe, this establishment’s popularity has skyrocketed due to the quality of its meals. Zameer Ansari, who specializes in Delhi-style barbecue, has become a household name in Karachi. Although the atmosphere is relatively modest, the food is hot and delicious. Get there early if you want to try the Malai Chicken, Reshmi/Dhaga Kebab, and do not be surprised if the place is crowded.
    Dishes from Karachi’s culinary paradise are famous across the nation. There is a wide variety of cuisines available in the city, so your taste buds are sure to be satisfied. Karachi, like every metropolis, has unique culinary offerings that are delicious and varied. Please tell us about your go-to eatery and the meals you always order when you dine there.

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