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Featured Rs: 700/- 560/-

Large Pizza

Dazzling Large Pizza

Get your hands on Cheezy Pizza, Large Pizza in just Rs.560/- & save Rs.140.

Featured Rs: 960/- 864/-

Deal 3

Pack Of Thrilling Foods

GoSpark brings you Ahbab Cafe & Fast Food's mouthwatering Club Sandwich, Broast Chest, Twister Wrap, ...

Featured Rs. 849/-

Large Pizza Deal

Best Large Pizza Deal is Here !!

2 Large Pizza & 1Ltr Drink in just Rs.849 instead of Rs.1300.

Featured Rs. 240/-

Small Pizza

Yummiest Offer

Get now Pizza Taste's Appetizing Small Pizza with Soft Drink (1.5 Liter) Just in Rs. 249/- Instead o ...

Featured Rs. 499/-

Small Pizza

Best Deal for 2 !

2 Small Pizza in just Rs.499 Plus Tax instead of Rs.724 Plus Tax.

Rs. 226/-

Crispy Wrap

Double Savour, Pay One

Get Kuchi's Crispy Wrap and Get another FREE in just Rs.226/- (Plus Taxes) instead of Rs.452.

Rs. 260/-

K Burger & Drumettes (4Pcs)

Taste that makes sense

Get your hands on Kuchi's K Burger and Drumettes in just Rs.260/- (Plus Taxes) instead of Rs.360.

Rs. 500/-

K Burger & Wings

Gang Deal

Get Kuchi's Two K Burger, Wings (2pcs) and Two Soft Drink (345ml) in just Rs.500/- (Plus Taxes) inst ...

Rs. 248/-

K Burger

Do Double

Get Kuchi's K Burger and Get another Free in just Rs.248/- (Plus Taxes)

Rs: 500/- 250/-

Inspection / Survey

Inspection / Survey !

Inspection/Survey in Just Rs.250 instead of Rs.500 (1-3KVA & 4-6.5KW)

Rs: 1800/- 900/-

Replacement Of Cylinder Head Gasket

Replacement Of Cylinder Head Gasket !

Replacement Of Cylinder Head Gasket in Just Rs.900 instead of Rs.1800 (1-3KVA & 4-6.5KW)

Rs: 1000/- 500/-

Engine Oil With Filters Change,Service & Cleaning

Engine Oil With Filters Change,Service & Cleaning!

Engine Oil With Filters Change, Service & Cleaning in Just Rs.500 instead of Rs.1000 (4-6.5KW)