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Featured Rs: 900/- 450/-

Mushroom Mystery Burger

Here's the Mystery !!!

Enjoy 2 Mushroom Mystery Burger for just Rs.450 only instead of Rs. 900.

Featured Rs: 700/- 350/-

Nuclear Burger

Nuclear in Buns !!

Enjoy 2 Nuclear Burger loaded with deliciousness for just Rs.350 only instead of Rs.700.

Featured Rs: 300/- 150/-

2 Mexican Fries

2 Mexican Fries !!

Enjoy the 2 Mexican Fries for just Rs.150 only instead of Rs.300.

Featured Rs: 700/- 350/-

Superb Double Deal

Superb Double Deal !!!

Enjoy 2 Mexican Signature Burger for just Rs.350 only instead of Rs.700.

Featured Rs: 260/- 130/-

Mayo Garlic Fries

Double Fries Double Fun !!

Enjoy 2 Mayo Garlic Fries for just Rs.130 only instead of Rs.260.

Rs: 4798/- 2399/-

Xtreme Pizza

Go Extreme with Ceaser's !!!

Enjoy 2 Xtreme Pizza for just Rs.2399 (Plus Tax) only instead of Rs.4798 (Plus Tax).

Featured Rs: 898/- 449/-

Pan Pizza

2 Pan Pizza Scene !!!

Enjoy 2 Pan Pizza for just Rs.449 (Plus Tax) only instead of Rs.898 (Plus Tax).

Rs: 2098/- 1049/-

Duo Pizza Deal

Duo Pizza Deal!!!

Enjoy 2 Medium Pizza for just Rs.1049 (Plus Tax) only instead of Rs.2098 (Plus Tax).

Featured Rs: 3198/- 1599/-

Large Pizza

Go Large with Ceaser's !!!

Enjoy 2 Large Delicious Pizza for just Rs.1599 (Plus Tax) only instead of Rs.3198 (Plus Tax).

Rs: 340/- 280/-

Beef Biryani Combo

Beef Biryani Combo !!!

Enjoy Delicious Beef Biryani including Kheer, Raita, Salad & 345ml Drink for just Rs.280 only instea ...

Rs: 610/- 550/-

Crispy Broast

Broast for Two !!

Now get 2 Crispy Broast (Leg & Chest) with Raita, Buns & 2 Drinks for just Rs.550 instead of Rs.610. ...

Rs: 480/- 440/-

Zinger Burger

Double Crunch Scene !!

Enjoy 2 Zinger burgers along with Fries and 2 Drinks for just Rs.440 only instead of Rs.480.