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Rs. 940/-

Family Pack Deal

Family Scene On!

2 Chest Broast, 2 Leg Broast, 4 Dinner Roll, 1 Chicken Burger in Just Rs.940 instead of Rs.1140.

Rs. 700/-

Family Deal

Family Scene On!

2 Chicken Burger, 2 Club Sandwich, 1 Mayo Fries in just Rs.700 instead of Rs.1100.

Rs. 700/-

Family Combo Deal

Family Scene On!

2 Beef Burger, 2 Zinger Burger, 1 Club Sandwich in Just Rs.700 instead of Rs.1110.

Rs. 800/-

Family Zinger Combo

Family Scene On!

4 Zinger Burger, 1 Beef Burger, 1 Plain Fries in just Rs.800 instead of Rs.1300.

Rs. 600/-

Family Burger Combo

Family Scene On!

2 Chicken Burger, 2 Beef Burger, 1 Mayo Fries Only in Rs.600/- instead of Rs.1100/-.

Rs. 217/-

Chicwich Burger

Hunger Stop Special !

Get Chicwich Burger Only in Rs.217/- instead of Rs.289/-.

Rs. 225/-

Beed Grenade Burger Deal

Beef is love !

Get Beef Grenade in just Rs.225/- Instead of Rs.299/-.

Rs. 374/-

Penne Pasta Deal

Lift up Your Taste Buds !

Get Penne Pasta Only in Rs.374/- instead of Rs.499-/.

Rs. 336/-

Beef Love Burger Deal

Beef is love !

Get Beef Love Burger Only In Rs.336/- Instead of Rs.449/-.

Rs. 276/-

Classic Beef Burger Deal

Iconic Beef Burger !

Get Classic Beef Burger Only in Rs.276/- Instead of Rs.369/-.

Rs. 291/-

Cheesy Chick Burger Deal

Full of Cheese !

Get Cheesy Chick Only in Rs.291/- Instead of Rs.389/-.

Featured Rs. 189/-

Pizza Fries Deal

Pizza Fries the most Satisfying Snack!

Pizza Fries Only in Rs.189/- instead of Rs.220/-.