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Featured Rs: 250/- 199/-

Crispy Zinger Burger

Crispy Zinger Burger !!

Enjoy Crispy Zinger Burger for just Rs.199 instead of Rs.250.

Featured Rs: 200/- 149/-

Spicy BBQ Roll

Spicy BBQ Roll !!!

Enjoy Spicy BBQ Roll for just Rs.149 instead of Rs.200.

Featured Rs: 2180/- 2070/-

Karahi & Handi

Karahi & Handi !!!

Mutton Karahi (Half), Chicken Handi (Half), 2 Naan, 1 Roghni Roti, 1 Garlic Naan, Salad and Raita fo ...

Featured Rs: 3470/- 2850/-

Miraal Family Deal

Miraal Family Deal !!!

Balouchi Lemon Tikka Karachi (Full), Chicken Peshawari Karachi (Full), 2 Chapati, 2 Naan, Miraal Spe ...

Featured Rs: 1770/- 1425/-

Miraal Desi Deal

Miraal Desi Deal !!!

Enjoy Miraal Desi deal with your family including Balochi Lemon Tikka Karachi (Half), Paneer Reshmi ...

Featured Rs: 600/- 480/- 20% off

20% Off on entire Menu

Enjoy 20% Off !!!

Enjoy Flat 20% Off on the entire menu.

Featured Rs. 300/-

B1G1 Deal

Ice Cream Love Hai !!!

Buy any 1 Classic Flavor and Get 1 Free in just Rs.300 instead of Rs.600.

Featured Rs. 500/-

B1G1 Deal

Messy But Yummy Deal !!!

Buy 1 Messy Beast Burger and Get 1 Beef Burger for Free in just Rs.500 only.

Featured Rs: 396/- 278/-

Crispy Combo Deal

Beast ka Crispy Deal !!

Enjoy Scrumptious Crispy House Burger with 2 Chicken Wing and a cold drink for just Rs.278 instead ...

Featured Rs: 320/- 225/-

Combo Pack

Yummy Beef Deal !!

Delicious Beef Burger with 2 Chicken Wings and a cold drink for just Rs.225 instead of Rs.320.

Featured Rs: 150/- 135/- 10% off

10% Off on Chinese

10% Off on Chinese Cuisine !!!

Enjoy Flat 10% Off on Chinese Cuisine.

Featured Rs: 180/- 162/- 10% off

10% Off on Fast Food

10% Off on Fast Food !!!

Enjoy Flat 10% Off on your favorite Fast Food.